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Published on Saturday, 15 August 2015 17:36

Nakota Publishing is pleased to announce the release of the print edition of Fidelio's Automata for only $11.95. In celebration of this event, we are offering the e-book versions of both Fidelio as well as our 2012 release Centrifugal Force, for just 99 cents! This special sale starts Sunday and lasts only four days, so hurry!
Many of the low-priced books on Amazon are not much more than pamphlets, for which 99 cents is an appropriate price. Less than a buck is a real bargain for a 300-page steampunk adventure. Escape to the America of 1901 – an exciting time when technology was transforming the world. It was the era of the innovators: Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, the Wright Brothers, and many others. As one would expect from the genre, in this alternate history things turn out a bit differently.
Fidelio Espinoza, a brilliant and idealistic young Cuban, arrives in the United States with the goal of perfecting his spider automaton, a machine that will free humans from the dangerous, backbreaking work of mines and factories. Here he meets Hank, a cowboy turned Quaker who has vowed to atone for his sinful past, in particular, his participation in the recent war with Spain.
Despite all the progress and social upheaval of the Gilded Age, this is a time when Fidelio, a gay man, must hide his true nature or risk ostracism or worse. For the devout Hank their friendship poses a dilemma: should he respond with judgment or acceptance?
After a prototype of Fidelio's creation falls into the wrong hands, the two men join forces with eccentric genius Nikola Tesla to prevent this creation from being used in the service of oppression.